How to pair your outfit with the right jewelry

You have been invited to a red carpet event; it takes a few seconds for the truth to sink in and then euphoria kicks in. You call up all your friends, and they start brainstorming ideas on the dress you should wear, the colour that will bring out the shade of your eyes, the heels to go with the dress and so on. On the day of the event, your heels don’t match the dress the way it did before, and your make-up isn’t spot-on. So continues the nightmare, when you suddenly wake up and realise it isn’t real. But the fear of not turning up at an event with your game face on seems all too real.

Picking the right outfit and the jewelry that goes with it is no easy task. Since there are so many options to choose from, it becomes dreadful when you find yourself in an internal battle of having to pick one piece of jewelry that speaks subtly with a hint of chic.

Here are a few tips on coordinating your jewelry with your outfit to add some finishing touches to your look.

  1. A touch of vintage:

Sheer blouses, palazzo pants, puffy prom dresses and lace maxi dresses from the yesteryear’s are a fashion lover’s dream outfit. The greatest thing about vintage clothing is its simplicity, and one can never go wrong with them. To complement the feel of your vintage outfit, opt for statement necklaces or antique rings to go them. If you prefer to spice up your wardrobe, mix some of your grandmother’s jewelry with newer pieces and revel in the retro-feel of the 50’s.

  1. Make a statement with Indian ethnic:

Even though girls love to dress up casually most of the times, there are some occasions that call for a little bit of influence from around the world. And India has been making waves with their designs and fashion sense on the ramp and off it too. In which case, taking a leaf from their page, you can pair intricate neck pieces or earrings to complete your look. Those who want to go the extra mile can always use their necklaces as a headpiece for an effortless look.

  1. Go minimalist:

Geometric shapes from clean lines to flat designs are some characteristics of minimalist jewelry whether it is hoop earrings or simple, delicate neck pieces. The trend of accessorizing your outfit with minimalist jewelry can never go out of style because it is the perfect way to layer your accessories. You can create endless combinations; from your necklace to your rings, they can all be layered without looking over-the-top.

  1. Pile on the bling:

It is true when they say that anything you wear looks better with a side of sparkle. Adding a bit of bling to your outfit isn’t just meant for a disco-themed party, but you can treat yourself by delving into the glitz and glam now and then. For maximum impact, you can wear a stone-pieced necklace sans the earrings.

  1. Casual is the way to go:

You could be wearing just a tee and jeans when you’ve decided to meet a few friends for brunch, and still, manage to carry it off with panache. Long earrings are one way to draw attention towards your casual outfit. Another way of adding a bit of dramatic flair to your wardrobe is by incorporating different colours and pieces that are inspired by nature.

  1. Create your own boho-inspired look:

Bohemian outfits are the easiest to relate to because they are entirely dependent on comfort and uniqueness. Since this style is about your comfort, you can experiment with various fabrics like leather, chiffon, silk and cotton. There are endless options that range from layered necklaces, rings and even bracelets. You can also opt for a matching necklace and dangling earrings.