About Neeta Gupta


Being an artist all her life, Neeta Gupta’s creation is more of a piece of art in jewelry.

She set her mind on having a Master’s degree in Math, but her passion for art led her to hold art shows internationally, show casing her creativity in canvas paintings and metal sculptures.

Often, she made designs for jewelry for friends & family. Her designs were well appreciated and she was encouraged to launch her designs on a larger scale. It was not easy though!

In Neeta Gupta’s own words: “I loved the jewelry design process, but explaining my designs to goldsmiths and relying on them to carry out my vision was frustrating.
This is why I needed to make jewelry on my own – I needed full control to bring my visions to fruition.”

Believing in having a deep knowledge before creating her own jewelry line, Neeta Gupta joined a course in Jewelry Arts and now she is a Certified Jewelry Artist. She also completed the GIA* Graduate courses for Diamonds, Colored Stones and Jewelry Professional.

Neeta Gupta’s jewelry creations are inspired by Nature’s abundant beauty & serenity.
She has felt this tranquility on her travels to scenic locales from the east to west coast and across the boundaries. During her travels, she loves to collect unique pearls and rocks in their natural form, fascinatingly irregular shapes & sizes. She visualizes the eternal calmness of Nature in them to create jewelry of them.
Fusion of these pearls and rocks with immaculately cut & polished diamonds, gemstones and set them in 18K Gold & Sterling silver in an exquisite form is her passion to create One-of-a-Kind jewels.

*GIA (Gemological Institute of America)

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