Diamonds are Forever

“Shine bright tonight,
You and I
We’re beautiful like diamonds in the sky
Eye to eye,
So alive
We’re beautiful like diamonds in the sky

Shine bright like a diamond
Shine bright like a diamond
Shining bright like a diamond
We’re beautiful…” -Rihanna

No word more appropriately describes a diamond, then beautiful. Often used as a symbol of purity, eternal love, and faith. A gemstone believed to increase one’s vigour while poising their emotions. The ancient Greeks, considered them fallen fragments of stars, identifying them as the stones of immortality.

The birthstone of the month April, having many people blessed with sparkling personalities. Diamonds make the perfect gift for new mom, expecting little ones this bright month.

No occasion would go mismatched with a diamond for a gift, from births with the little one’s name stamped in, to birthdays and anniversaries, diamonds say it all, and so much more.

‘Fancy’ diamonds are in trend, with their variations in hue, they come in colours, pink, blue, purple. Since the colour, comes from impurities in the stone, synthesized diamonds house a rainbow of colours and even browns or greys. Blue, pink, black or green coloured diamonds are rare. So, they are more valuable as compared to the colourless ones.

The hardest rock on earth, nothing scratches a diamond but a diamond, perhaps this ability of endurance, explains why they have been the symbol of eternity and everlasting love.

Adorning engagement rings to 60th & 75th wedding anniversary bands, for those of us lucky enough to make it there.

Diamonds are a lot more than a personalized name stamped gift, they are a statement, a testament to the love shared in a relationship, between a married couple, a father-daughter bond, a thankful son to a mother, diamonds last forever.




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