Dive right into the month of March with aquamarine gems

Come March, the season of flowers blooming, the early morning sunshine seeping through the window while you’re sleeping in bliss. For many, spring is a season of new beginnings. With the white canvas being painted with the colours of spring, we welcome the month with open arms and a smile on our face. We can brush off the cobwebs of winter following the wake that brings with it warmth in our hearts.

Aquamarine, as the name suggests, is a sparkling ocean-like colour that may represent the hypnotising clear, blue colour that grants the wearer serenity and sensibility. This gem is of the blue or cyan beryl family. Aquamarine is not only the birthstone of the month of March but also the gemstone for the 19th wedding anniversary which is why it was considered to resurrect the love between married couples. On the Mohs scale of gemstone durability, aquamarine’s rating is 7.5-8. It comes in several hues that range from icy blue to pastel greenish blue.

The gem is associated with Neptune, the Roman God of the sea. In addition, it is associated with the 12th sign of the zodiac, Pisces which signifies the calmness of water and the expanse of blue stretching over the horizon. The blue-green gemstone is representative of protection, tranquillity and unity.

It is also a valued gem of ancient lineage which is the perfect blend of modern and vintage.

Myths associated with aquamarine gems

  1. In many cultures, it was believed that doctors would use powder from aquamarine to help cure many infections.
  2. Since aquamarine is associated with the colour of the sea, many Romans believed that this gem was a symbol of strength that helped sailors navigate through rough seas.
  3. Over the ages, our ancestors believed that if you held the gem in your mouth, any person could invoke a demon from the bottom of hell and will answer any question you have.
  4. Gipsies and fortune tellers would use aquamarine stones as a source of their powers.

Aquamarine Jewellery

  1. Aquamarine and psilomelane druzy pendant

The sky blue colour of this oval-shaped aquamarine is highlighted by the delicate psilomelane druzy it is set in with sterling silver. This pendant is graceful yet dramatic making it a classic, timeless treasure. This piece is a reminder of the seasons that you’ve spent with your loved one and every morning you wake up next to them is another gift for them.

  1. Aquamarine sterling silver earrings

These stunning earrings are handcrafted intricately to capture your heart. They represent fluidity and elegance, these earrings feature beautiful cushion cut aquamarine stones framed in sterling silver. They are half sunset, half winter trying to write its own story within the confines of your relationship.

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