4C’s to select your carat!

Ever thought how beautiful this life is! Just like this precious life we have expensive diamonds. Did you know- Diamonds have an image of purity and light. They are gifted as a pledge of love. Also, worn as a symbol of commitment.
Hey Hey! , so you know- diamonds are not an impulsive purchase. They are a considerable investment and should be purchased after you are sure about your decision. Whether you’re buying a diamond ring or a necklace, all these purchase should be thought over twice before you take the plunge.
Well, to make your stress lines go easy- here are four major points to remember before you make your precious diamond purchase.
To cut a long story short, the four significant points to consider while buying a diamond are its-
1. Cut
2. Color
3. Clarity
4. Carat

1. CUT of the Diamond-
The diamond cut is the most crucial element to consider when buying a diamond. “Cut” has the dominant influence on a diamond’s sparkle. It is said, that without a high cut grade even a diamond of high quality can appear dull and lifeless. Now if you want a beautiful necklace or a bracelet, you know what to look for in the diamond.

2. COLOR of the Diamond-
After the diamond cut, diamond color is the next most significant characteristic to consider when picking a diamond. The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) ranks diamond color on a scale of D to Z. This is D being colorless to Z being light yellow-brown.
D-Z diamonds are also categorized as white diamonds.

3. CLARITY of the Diamond-
It is the s the evaluation of small imperfections on the surface and internally. Clarity is one of the 4Cs for selection of a diamond. (mainly grading and quality). These tiny, natural blemishes and compositions are microscopic and do not affect a diamond’s beauty in any way. It is not that of an essential factor, but you can keep this point in mind.

4. CARAT of the Diamond-
Carat is the most misinterpreted of the 4Cs. It refers to a diamond’s weight, not the diamond’s size. Note that! You can acknowledge cut and carat together. It is a fact that, a larger carat diamond with a poor cut grade can resemble smaller than a tiny diamond with a higher cut grade.

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