Style your diamonds with your stunning personality

There is something somewhat mystical about diamonds which gives the woman who is wearing them an edge over the others. Maybe it’s her shining eyes trying to match the shine of the diamond necklace she’s wearing, or perhaps it’s the flaws beneath the surface that she’s come to own fully. From being a woman’s best friend to being an everlasting symbol of love, diamonds have seen it all. Whether you opt for a vintage touch or are going for a fresher feel, a diamond can complete your look. And before you say that diamonds aren’t your thing, I would like to point out that you clearly haven’t found the right type for you. Diamonds come in all sizes, just because you’re not the kind who likes flaunting her jewelry, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be wearing any.

I remember when I used to wear junk jewelry because it was cheaper, and I had other things I liked to spend on. When I began trying out different types of gems, it was quite confusing because there were so many to choose from. A few of my friends suggested diamonds which I was a bit hesitant to try because I never felt they were my thing. The first diamond ring that I tried on ended up stealing my heart, and from there on I fell in love with them. I realized that we don’t choose the diamond, the diamond picks us which is why anyone can own them.

Here is how you can style different types of diamond jewelry with your outfit and who knows, maybe end up sparkling brighter than the stone on your finger.

1. Diamond and blue topaz sterling silver pendant

This delicate pendant is an attention grabber on its own without you having to pair it with any other piece of jewelry. If you’re wearing a gorgeous dress and you don’t want to distract from the beauty of it, opt for this pendant. For a more casual look, grab your favourite t-shirt or tank top, making sure that the colour of your outfit complements the blue topaz, and you’re good to go.

2. Sterling silver bracelet with Diamond and Amethyst

This simple yet elegant bracelet is one of the most versatile styles to match your personality and will sit beautifully on your hand. Whether you are heading to an impromptu brunch date with your friends or a small gathering with your cousins, this bracelet is sure to make heads turn. Pair this with a modern outfit like jeans and t-shirt or a dress.

3. Diamonds and smoky quartz earrings

Sometimes, you might feel like adding that little bit of oomph to your outfit, and what better than a pair of earrings to do just that. Everyone around you, from friends to even strangers will notice the extra touch this accessory adds. These earrings are fun, eye-catching, and an overall lovely piece that will go great with a traditional outfit as well as a casual dress.

4. Diamond Ring VVS1 Brilliant Cut

This modern classic style diamond ring showcases a ‘something old, something new’ tradition. So, if you’ve decided to pop the question to your partner, this ring is the perfect way to seal that promise of forever. Even if you’re planning on renewing your vows, what better way to show them how much they mean to you. What’s more, this ring will go with any look that you decide to carry – whether you’re partying or just sitting around at home with your partner.