Minimalist Jewellery Trends- Making Them Work

Almost every girl goes through a phase in her life when she stocks up on jewellery whether it is necklaces, bracelets or earrings. I remember when I was in high school, my wardrobe had been influenced by dark shades, bold patterns and I would mainly accessorise with bracelets. And even though some girls had the same idea when it came to dressing up, many others felt comfortable with brighter shades, pin-up dresses for their girl-next-door look.

While the trends back then were undoubtedly appreciated, nowadays many just prefer to be comfortable in their own style and they wear it like their skin. With so many styles to choose from- street style to vintage style, people are slowly beginning to add their own twist to their style. Whether you are sporting a formal look for your office or a more casual look for a Sunday brunch with your friends, girls always want to carry off something a little more understated. Despite the ever-changing jewellery trends, classic pieces from the yesteryears never go out of style. And all this makes much more sense with the minimalist jewellery trend that has taken over the fashion scene all over the world- you know, what with the delicately designed pieces that you can wear every day. All this and more without worrying about looking over-the-top and yet coming off as a little flirty with a hint of classy.

Minimalist trends allow you to be creative and experiment your own style while keeping in mind that it shouldn’t lose that bit of detail it requires. Take a look to find out which minimalist pieces would do you justice and how you would be able to wear them.

  1. Necklaces

Although necklaces are something that many women can do without, minimalist neckpieces are the best way to spell chic when you’re wearing a V-neck top or even a shirt. You must understand that the elegance of this style lies in the fact that it is meant to define you in the simplest manner and not at all overpower you in any way. The great thing about a minimalist necklace is that you can wear it to work or even for a casual dinner date.

  1. Earrings

Twisting silhouettes, dangling geometric shapes or opposing materials can come together and blend to give you that edge you need. Earrings are perfect for when you are late and can’t seem to find time for thinking and planning your outfit. They go extremely well with an off-shoulder top or a plunging neckline. They add a spunk to your look almost instantly. So for your next lunch date, grab that dress, sweep your hair to one side or tie it in a ponytail and finish off your look with a minimalist earring.

  1. Bracelets

Whether you are wearing a single bracelet or layering them up with different shapes, textures and repetition, both will give you that contemporary yet modern look. You can opt for bands or cuffs and pair them with charm bracelets with various symbols. Also you can add a sense of sophistication by pairing them with your watch. Leather bracelets with a single chain minimalist bracelet or stacking your bangles together would make a statement piece for any outfit.

  1. Rings

Wearing multiple rings by stacking them on top of each other is one way of carrying your look off with as much style as possible. Bands that have texture or shape will add more detail to your jewellery. When it comes to wearing rings, make sure to balance out the various sizes of the rings on your hand so that it looks gracefully messy. With minimalist rings, there are endless possibilities so you need to figure out which will go well with your outfit for the day.


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