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With the wedding season just around the corner, women have already started trying out different gowns, searching for the perfect jewelry that will ensure all eyes on them. Because which bride doesn’t want the spotlight to be on her, especially since she has been dreaming about the day she’ll walk down the aisle? We all know how important it is for us to get the one day of our life where we get to look our best, and all of this isn’t just so that we can have all the compliments, but also because we secretly hope that our partner sheds a tear at the sight of us walking down the aisle *insert scene from a North America celebrity wedding.*

Well, we’re here to make sure you see all of this and more, the credit of which has to be shared equally amongst your gown, accessories, and not forgetting the ever-elegant you. Since you are probably busy picking out a dress before being able to zero in on the one that dreams are made of, we bring to you our pick of favourite accessories by Neeta Gupta. Hopefully, this makes things a little easier for you.

You want to rock your wedding gown, but you’re sceptical of what accessories to be adorned with. Fret not; we got you! Our sterling silver bracelet comes with a sleek design and the pop of colour in the stone gives the oomph factor for that extra ‘glam’! With a twist and turn in the older styles, this bracelet is here to stay in your fashion shelves. The stunning design that is just meant for your hand. It goes perfectly well with an intricately detailed dress paired with a great pair of heels because you know – ‘A woman can conquer the world, with a right pair of heels.’

The modern and stylish allure earrings are designed especially for you to woo you over on your big day! The elegant cuts are hard to miss. Hoop earrings can never go out of style and consist of sliced diamonds set in 18 karat gold on the blackened silver net. While we all wish to look like a diva, don’t forget to get your hands on these earrings which will set a real deal out there. Get a hold at your heart, because Neeta Gupta’s designs are here to make you drool!

Do you want to gift something precious to your lover? Or you’re looking for a perfect engagement ring? Set the bar high and make your lover fall in love with you a little more with this sweet gesture! The amethyst sterling silver ring is a gorgeous gift, and the stone that is embedded makes it look even more beautiful! Have you fallen in love with this yet? Yes, absolutely YES! It is unique, precisely like your personality. It is curated for you because you’re someone who deserves it!

You want drama and style together. We got you everything you need. Go ahead and grab yourself a pair of these diamond jewelry pieces. For the woman with an exquisite taste in jewelry, we’ve everything to offer. Timeless, with a touch of romance if we say!


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